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Jason Kidd Select - Champions ad

Eric Flynn, January 15 2024

The Jason Kidd Select 17U balled out all season and won the 2023 Select 40 championship. Can't wait to see what these girls do at the college level. To celebrate this accomplishment, I edited this video from some clips provided by the Select 40 video team.

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A50 X campaign launched

Eric Flynn, December 22 2023

From brief to launch, this campaign took a long time to bring to life. It's a cool but very technical headset. So a lot of details had to be right and there were a lot of stakeholder involved. These are the final client versions that went live. There are a ton of assets for this campaign and I can't wait to share more of

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SilverTowers in NYC

Eric Flynn, January 31 2020

Just got another photo from New York. It's awesome seeing this campaign in the wild.

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