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While GoPro was trying to reach new audiences, we had the opportunity to work with Lonely Planet on their popular Best In Travel series.  

Together we evaluated which four travel destinations to feature, brainstormed activities, concepted specific shots, and worked well in the post-production phase.

If you're interested in visiting Chile, Ireland, Spain or Estonia, check out these playlists.

The plan here was to leverage TEN Media's production team and athletes to shoot ski footage for Powder Magazine and snowboarding content for Transworld.

One of our advertising executives, Brian Farrell had the genius idea to pay homage to an old GoPro series, "Top To Bottom", which was one uncut shot from the lift to the lodge.

We modernized that classic concept with new athletes and new camera technology that let us produce these videos almost straight out the camera.

While our other travel partnerships expanded the perception of GoPro as a travel camera, there was also a need for travel content that better fit the GoPro core audience.
Enter Culture Trip.

A little more raw. A little more action. This series would take the audience around the world showing how local athletes and advocates used GoPro to capture what their passionate about and the places they love.

Discover Series

We took a more evergreen and educational approach with Lisbon and Dubrovnik. Instead of a temporary campaign,
the content for these two destinations was designed to live indefinitely.

In addition to the standard videos where the Lonely Planet host does a deep dive into a part of the city, we created helpful planning videos for what to pack, when to go and how to maximize a 24 hour day.

This was the first content partnership I worked on with Lonely Planet. There was a lot of collaboration through concepting, preproduction and post-production decisions. Sadly, none of us got to go on the shoot. This one looked like fun.

While 'Discover Thailand' was featured content on lonelyplanet.com, we also created custom video banners for each category on the site.