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Mobile + Social

Facebook Canvas

This was a fun medium to experiment with. It allowed us to quickly test all kinds of mobile executions from tilting video to multiple scrolling pages.
For most of these, I was doing the creative research, designing the wireframes and building the final deliverables on top of my normal creative duties.

By far the most complicated Canvas I worked on, this was basically five mobile webpages built into Facebook's infrastructure.

Snapchat Lens

The first live feed inside a Snapchat Lens and the first simulated backflip (to our knowledge) on Snapchat. This took a lot of back and forth but it was worth it in the end.

iPad Demo

This iPad app let the IGT sales team brag about their flashy new slot machines to casino managers around the world who didn't have the opportunity to make the trip to the Las Vegas showroom.

Social Movement

Without a large media plan, we needed to find a way to reach the state of California through social media. That turned into a 'coastie' (selfie with the coast). What we created was so successful, the campaign runs every year and the Coastal Commission gets some pretty big names to participate.

Ron Finley

Lisa Ling

Gavin Newsom

Adrain Gonzalez

Eric Balfour

Instagram Stories

I love doing more with Stories than just vertically cropping existing videos. Playing with effects, visual language and the tapping format is exciting.


Facebook carousels are cool, but there's something wonderful about the seamlessness of Instagram. Whether photo or video, it just feels like a singular experience.