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Bring Life Forward


CLIENT:   Toshiba Smart Community AGENCY:   gyro

Toshiba's Smart Community division has solutions that help civilization move forward without hurting Mother Nature in the process. It's innovation and social responsibility working together in harmony.

Which is awesome. But it can be a tricky story to tell. The art director had the game-changing idea of having a bionic arm make the world better. It just needed a little glue to tie everything together. So my favorite contribution to the campaign was the introduction of the city planner character.

Roof Studio (of Honda "Dreamer" and Empire of the Sun "High and Low" fame) did an incredible job bringing the whole thing to life. Sticking with the theme of efficiency (and working with our budget), they blended green screen footage, visual effects and stock clips to create the modern utopia in the film.

After the film, the concept continued online and in the real world. The trick to the bionic arm was having it make a direct change related to the green technology. So having the hand blue a cord into the spot where the gas tank would be on a non-electric bus because a classic in my mind. I'm really happy we were able to do that in Kawasaki City. I just wish we got photos of the actual buses.

VFX breakdown