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"We All Have A Story To Tell"
Quikstories Teaser


QuikStories is a GoPro App feature that transfers footage from your GoPro to your phone and automatically edits a short video for you to share.

Using GoPro footage to introduce this idea didn't feel right. So we shot people using their GoPro and the moments in between their last shot and the moment they got the push notification saying their video was ready to watch.

Jensen Granger and Jessica Plume are genius creative partners. Loved working with them on this. We did the whole video piggy-backing off an existing photoshoot for the website. Highlight of the shoot had to be Jensen hanging out of the sunroof of a second car getting the driving shots through the woods. Good times.


"It's A Good Idea"
GoPro Plus promo

GoPro's are known for being indestructible. So why buy an add-on service that offered camera replacement/repairs? Well, shit still happens. Danny Wang dug through the archives and found some footage of people doing things where even a GoPro could've been damaged or lost. And as a cherry on top, they featured animals, which always play well on social media. Danny also did all the editing and motion graphics. He's a rockstar.


GoPro x Steamboat Resort
Snow Park Feature

GoPro x Tremblant
Wrapped Gondola

The opportunity came up to redo the branding on a park feature at Steamboat in Colorado. Repeating the logo felt lazy and whatever we came up with had to be relevant for at least a couple years.

I've always loved arctic camo patterns. Krissy Mayhew did an amazing job creating a custom one for this project that brought a fresh design to GoPro and the mountain.

From the looks of these two photos, the resort liked it so much they decided to hand-paint a couple more with the same look.

I loved it so much, I printed out some stickers so employees could decorate laptops, notebooks and tumblers.

A little later that season, Tremblant Resort in Quebec, Canada gave us a gondola to wrap. I'd love to see this thing in person but so far I've only seen the photo below from the painting process. The Tremblant team did an amazing job with the colors.


Various Videos

GoPro Logo 4C Reversed R RGB

This spot was crafted out of the GoPro Skate team's trip to Japan. After David DeJong polished the edit, I really felt like it needed a music track. But there was zero budget for music. I asked Chaco Daniel for a huge favor and he nailed it. Unfortunately, after some discussion, the ad aired without any music. I still think this version is lightyears better.

Setting one GoPro montage apart from another while scrolling through social media can be difficult. To make sure this Karma ad stood out from the rest, we gave it a unique editing style. Kyle Ohlson and Jensen Granger really brought this one to life with a mix of beautiful footage, product-in-use shots and photography.  

This spot was nestled within NBC Sports winter coverage. It needed to be as fun as it was epic to appeal to the larger audience.


HERO6 Campaign Videos

HERO6 with QuikStories was designed to help people share their videos. No more scrubbing footage or editing. Everything was synced and cut to the beat of a song automatically.

This campaign had to be done quick. And it had to be done cheap. (Ironically, that's a long story.) A small team of us concepted and storyboarded the scenes in a few days and hoped on a flight to Hawaii to shoot two sets of talent nonstop. The remaining videos in the campaign came from pickups, user-generated content and previously unused productions. We knew we weren't going to win any awards with this one but it was a real testament to what the team could do under pressure. I had a great time with Jensen Granger and Danny Wang. We also learned when you order Panda Express late night, it's actually pretty good.


Custom GoPro x Curry 1

GoPro Logo 4C Reversed R RGB

When I get bored, I make stuff. There was a big hole in the GoPro apparel offering. And I wanted some stuff I would actually wear.

Using Under Armour's ICON program that lets you upload any jpeg and create a pattern, I created these custom Curry 1's with the GoPro squares and a GoPro-themed digi camo.

Big thanks to Jessica Plume for the wonderful studio photography.


GoPro x Pride

This is the first time I've been proud to do what every other brand was doing. Before this project, nothing besides the brand colors had ever appeared in the GoPro logo. Getting this done took almost of year of internal politics and presentations to even get the notion in front of the CEO. But once we got this in front of him, it was a very quick approval.

From there, the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Team did an impressive job of ordering swag, rallying employees and properly integrating GoPro into the San Francisco Pride Parade. It's a tradition that I hope continues forever and opens the door for more opportunties.