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Internet of Everything


CLIENT:   Cisco
AGENCY:   gyro


Learn from Dr. Seuss. Take something really complex and simplify it until everyone can understand the message.


Announce the launch of the Network Convergence System (aka the thing that will power the Internet of the future) to the general public on Vine & YouTube.


We also needed to find people who could spread the simplified story. At the time, that meant getting a select group of established Viners to describe the Internet of Everything their way.

When we started, Cisco had zero presence on Vine. Really, why would they? Despite that, our four videos resulted in:

•  57,000+ likes (which is impressive for Vine)

•  16,000+ revines

•  1,900+ comments

•  Hundreds of new followers for Cisco


We couldn't convince this guy though.


For YouTube, we didn’t have a massive budget to create a “viral” video. But we did have a complicated machine that Cisco built to do things that aren’t humanly possible and transform the Internet. To explain this in simple terms, we leveraged fail videos to demonstrate the power of Cisco’s NCS. But we were very careful not to fully embarrass humans. After all, Cisco’s still known as the Human Network.

This little guy didn’t make the final cut. Somehow he got beat by the ketchup robot. But I still love him.

Overall, the social campaign generated 16.9 million impressions and more than 6,767 online conversations.

•  17,000+ click-throughs and 1,100+ uses of the #StystemForIoE hashtag

•  350+ form conversions on the landing page  


We are also recognized by Ad Age's BtoB Best Awards.

•  Best Integrated Campaign under $200,000B2 Awards

•  Award of Excellence – Video – YouTube/Custom Portal


Full Cisco NCS Launch case study